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Spooky Podcasts for Halloween

Monica StebbComment
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Out of all of the holidays this season Halloween has historically been the one I (Monica) have had the hardest time getting excited for. Once I outgrew trick-or-treating I think I lost part of the spark that made Halloween so special. For many years I saw it as an excuse for people to have a party and for girls to wear outfits they normally wouldn’t wear; for many years I awkwardly could not understand either phenomenon.

Years later, I think I’m slowly re-discovering that spark again. This is thanks in part to being inspired to tell and enjoy a great story.

I’ve already told you about 2 podcasts that I absolutely love that could totally fit into this installment of My Favorite Podcasts, but why recycle material when I can tell you about a few more podcasts to help you get into the Halloween season? (Obviously I have selfish intentions here because I want more people to talk about these stories with.)

The Black Tapes Podcast: Made after the style of Serial or This American Life yet completely fictional, this podcast follows journalist Alex Reagan as she searches for truth behind some haunting experiences and the struggle between telling the story and becoming a part of the story. I am half way through listening to the available podcasts. I have my guesses about how things will turn out but don’t ruin any surprises for me! Start listening to them from the beginning or the story won’t make much sense.

Lore: Have you ever wondered how myths or legends came to be? Author and designer Aaron Mahnke looks at the truth behind these scary tales and delivers them with a healthy dose of common sense which leaves you thinking deeply about what you know or believe. Each episode is self contained. Creepiest episode: #8 The Castle.

Snap Judgement: There are so many episodes from this podcast, you will never be out of a story. This podcast goes for about an hour and depending on the length of each story will usually tell about 5 stories with an introduction. They’ve done a few ghost story episodes but here are two I’ve listened to so far:

  • Campfire Tales II: Out of the two Snaps this one is less scary than the other and the last story even brought me to tears at one point.

  • Spooked V: Creepy. Creepy with a dose of tender depending on which story you’re listening to.