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Travel Tuesday: Park City and a Utah Roadtrip Roundup

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You may have noticed that I (Haley) was AWOL on the blog last week. My excuse, I'm delighted to say, is that Jared and I were on an awesome long weekend getaway to Utah to visit family and friends and just generally revisit some places that hold fond memories for us. We left on Thursday afternoon and got as far as Vegas, where we crashed with Jared's aunt and uncle for the night (Highlight: They took me scorpion hunting). We left the next morning and wended our way through the rest of Nevada, a corner of Arizona, and finally hit Southern Utah, which is one of my very favorite places in the world. These pictures were taken from the car window, so just imagine how much prettier it actually is in person!

We got into Provo at around 3 pm and spent some time revisiting favorite places around town and on BYU campus (Go Cougs!) before meeting up with my siblings for dinner at India Palace (yummm!) and watching my brother's frisbee game.

Fun fact: Jared and I met because we were next door neighbors. We have over 2.5 years of (mostly) happy memories in these houses and it was surreal and sweet to be there again.

Our first kiss was also on the sidewalk between our two houses, so it seemed appropriate to reenact the moment while we had the chance and a camera. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop laughing and my little sister is one of those photographers who always seems to catch you blinking or making the most horrendous faces. So, this is the best shot we got. I know, awkward.

Walking around campus and visiting the Maeser Building, my favorite:

The next morning we headed up to Park City, where our BFFs' family has a cabin. We started Saturday morning with a hike on Jenni's Trail at the Park City Mountain Resort (famous for its skiing). It was the perfect amount of exercise to start off a beautiful fall morning and work up an appetite for lunch, and the views were stunning. Just looking at these pictures again is making me depressed that I live in LA and am missing out on changing leaves right now :(

Jenni's trail ends at the top of a hill where you can take the "Payday" ski lift back down the mountain (for free!), which made the hike even more worth it. The plan was to ride the Alpine Coaster or Alpine Slide afterward, but the wait was 2 hours so we added those to our "next time" list and instead stopped for lunch at a pizza / burger joint called The Junction. OH. MY. GOSH. If I hadn't devoured by barbecue burger and crinkle fries so fast I would have taken a picture to show you the meal in all its glory. If you're in Park City and enjoy a good burger, GO. That is all.

I have virtually no pictures to show you from our time at the cabin because we were having too much freaking fun to stop and pose for the camera. We're all game nerds and one of us is a trained chef so the weekend was basically an amazing blur of ping pong, shuffleboard, card games, homemade soup and pear crisp, and fancy cheese knives. So, pretty much the best weekend ever.

Monday was Jared's birthday (what's up 29!!!) and his last day in town so we grabbed Kneader's for brunch (he'd never had it!), went and saw a matinee of The Martian (cheap and amazing!), kicked around the BYU Museum of Art, and got Thai food for dinner with a friend of his from undergrad and his wife and adorable baby.

Getting a birthday selfie with the mountains in the background (or our faces in the foreground) proved too much for us on the first several attempts. We did get "better" shots than this, but for some reason I just kind of love this one. Happy birthday love!

Jared flew back to LA on Monday night to go back to work but since I'm a freelancer and do whatever I want, I stayed around Provo for a couple more days to see more friends and get more time with my family. And more time with family, in this case, meant getting to gorge on crepes with my older sister.

And finally, perhaps the most important photo from this trip: Me with Chandler, aka Baby Car, aka my first car and the love of my life (sorry Jared). She's a 1990 Honda Civic. I bought her with 253,000 miles and passed her on to my brother in Provo when I got married and she's still going strong at 289,000 miles and after 2 cross country trips. I got to drive her around a little bit while we were there and it was like being home. I know I'm silly and sentimental, but man, do I love her.

On my final day in Provo I headed south to Springville to meet up with some old friends / coworkers and take a trip to the Springville Art Museum! But this post is already very picture heavy so I'll save my photos from that trip for another Travel Tuesday!

Have you ever been to Utah? What was your favorite place / memory / meal?