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DIY Halloween 2015: Steve Zissou and the Jaguar Shark from The Life Aquatic

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A couple of weeks ago I (Haley) shared my DIY Shark Costume with you, but hadn't quite put the final touches on or made Jared's costume, so I wanted to show you the finished product. Voilà!

You guys, I kind of love how they turned out. Never mind that only ONE person at our church party knew who we were... Beats last year when no one did and we won the "Most Obscure Costume" award at the party we went to!

In the end the only things I updated from my costume since last showing it to you was that I added a pair of black buttons for eyes and cut down the teeth a little more. Jared's costume was supposed to be the easy one, but ended up taking more time than I anticipated. Steve Zissou's outfit is light blue with darker blue stripes down the sleeves, front of the shirt, and side of the pants. I foolishly thought that I could just add some blue tape to his thrifted polo and pants (the hat is also thrifted!) and call it good, but of course the tape wouldn't stay put. Fast forward to me, the night before his Halloween work party, cutting up an old blue t-shirt of his and sewing the pieces onto his costume.

The good news, as I think I've mentioned before, is that I am not a perfectionist when it comes to crafts, and especially when it comes to costumes, which no one is going to be scrutinizing that closely. "Good enough" is good enough for me! 

Oh, and shhh! don't tell anyone, but you see that leg holster Jared's wearing? Totally a black bandeau bra that I had lying around and never wear. Bahaha.

Here are Steve Zissou and the Jaguar Shark from a few other angles:

What did you go as for Halloween this year??  We'd love to see pictures!