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Exploring the Fabric District

SewingMonica StebbComment

One of the things that helped me get excited about moving to Los Angeles was hearing about the Fabric District. Let me tell you, all of the things I heard about this place were grossly under exaggerated! My first visit there my group all agreed that we all had some sort of sensory overload. Despite the outing being a success and extremely fun, all I wanted to do after that trip was go sit in a quiet room.

The next time around I had a better idea about what to expect so it was easier to handle. 

I knew about the Michael Levine stores from my internship days at a clothing design place back home (it's a great store with excellent fabric variety) but did you know that they have an outlet store across the street from their main store where you can purchase fabric BY THE POUND?!  This was new to me. I spent less than $9 and walked away with close to 9 yards of fabric. 

Just as with thrifting it did take some searching before I found fabric I could see myself using;  it's weird how sometimes I can pick up some fabric and see an image in my mind of what it could be made into. For the blue and white striped knit fabric I can clearly see the shirt I want to make. For the geometric fabric on the right I liked the drape of it and it felt nice in my hand. I'd like to make a skirt and or a kimono out of it. There's enough of it, you may see both!