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Classy Elastic Skirt

SewingMonica StebbComment

Dear Readers,

Remember the fabric I told you about? Here is the first of many projects from that fabric trip. 

Why yes, that is elastic at the waist. Funny you should ask.

For many years now I've had a love hate relationship with elastic when it comes to clothing construction. Using elastic is easy but can tread a dangerous line between cute and pajama-pant levels of casual. Believe you me, I certainly thought about many other options for the waist when I was in DESIGN MODE (it's a real thing, I promise) but ultimately in order to accentuate the flowiness of this fabric I thought I'd try my hand once again at putting in an elastic while at the same time, keeping it classy. 

Happily this skirt and the elastic turned out great. I combined a few techniques from my college sewing classes and a few things I've learned at the job I currently have. 

Let me tell you, this skirt is classy. It's breezy but doesn't fly up and despite its questionable polyester content it hasn't gotten too hot either. It's basically a dream. Tutorial coming soon!

The only thing left to do is decide what shirt to wear this with? Plain gray or a blue button-down? What would you wear with this skirt? What top would help keep this skirt classy?