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Custom Swimwear

Monica StebbComment

Summer is now in full swing, can you believe it?

It's about this time of year I start to realize that I may or may not want another swim suit; either the one I had from the summer before starts piling, or I've been hiking/swimming/playing enough to want an extra suit so I have extra time between uses. 

Now that I make my own swim suits I don't have this problem anymore; I can just make myself a new one. I've come to prefer making my own suits over department store suits. Each time I need a new suit I draft a pattern to fit my measurements so there's never any awkward dressing room moments with terrible lighting that tests my resolve to be seen in public so bare, or, if I order a suit online there's always a panic stitch in my chest that this suit won't fit, then I'll have to go through the returns hassle. 

I'd like to share this sweetness with you all as well. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have a swim suit made to fit you then head on over to our Custom Made tab (at the top of the page) and see if that's something you'd be interested in.

Don't see a style/size you'd like to try? Don't despair! Give us an email at:  contact [at] jupedujour .com and lets talk! I bet we could work something out.