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What is RBF and what does it have to do with these pained selfies in my closet?

Here I am practicing my Not RBF face trying to come across natural and not awkward. 

Here I am practicing my Not RBF face trying to come across natural and not awkward. 

Moving to Los Angeles has made me all too aware of a trait I have and had comfortably grown into and maybe forgotten about during my time in college.

The trait: RBF or, Resting B____ Face (fill in the blank).

This essentially means that when I THINK I have my face in “neutral” I’m most likely making a face that’s communicating a need to punch something (which is often not the case). For more thorough definitions see the following image and video.

*content warning: language*

Weren't those funny? Do you relate to them like I do?      

Throughout my life Resting B Face has gotten me some unwanted attention. Before I was aware of having RBF, I would often receive perplexing hugs from acquaintances or friends in the halls of my jr. high or high school. People who knew me and thought I looked sad or needed help cheering up. I think I may have unwittingly ruined a friendship or two during this same life stage. This RBF may have even influenced relationships later in life if I think too hard about some of my humorously failed dating experiences. When I think about acquaintances I’ve had or certain roommates and for sure a handful of classmates and project partners I can see that all of those relationships may have been influenced by my RBF. 

Now that I know about RBF I refuse to act cheerful unless I feel cheery; but, knowing about RBF has helped me as I form and maintain relationships to know how I may be coming across to people. 

Since moving to Los Angeles I have worked to make new friends and interviewed for jobs/internships, as one does in a new city (someone please hire me). Through all of this I have come to realize this RBF is still with me. I often get unwanted attention as I go around town.  (Hint: RBF may look a little like a "Fight Face" which is something I want to leave at home--10 brownie points and an entry in the next giveaway if you get that reference and share it in the comments)

Tell me I’m not alone in this problem!

Where are my other RBF brothers and sisters?

Do you have stories about strangers commenting on your RBF? I want to hear your stories! Any stories you share will earn you an extra entry in our next giveaway. 

I’ll start--see you in the comments.