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Budget Beauty Hacks & Makeup Substitutions

DIYHaley SwanComment

So, I'm well aware that this post is going to make me look like a total cheapskate...but, who am I kidding, I am my mother's daughter and I'll be reusing Ziploc bags til the day I die. Most of these beauty hacks were born of desperation--I ran out of something vital and thought "Hmm, what else can I scrounge up to make do for now?" But, in some cases (ahem, using mascara as eyeliner and toothpicks as applicators), I actually preferred the cheapskate way to however I'd been doing it previously, and haven't looked back! More info on each of these 5 Budget Beauty Hacks below:

1. Using Mascara as Eyeliner

I'll probably never go back to using eyeliner pencils or any other type of basic black eyeliner when I can just use the mascara that I already have on  hand. Two birds with one stone! And, the best part is, you know that point where you mascara gets kinda gunky and isn't liquid enough to use anymore? Now, you can save the old mascara to use as eyeliner!

2. Using a Toothpick as an Eyeliner Applicator

 I know, this one sounds a little crazy. I was skeptical myself. But, it's super easy, and I have yet to poke myself in the eye even once! Just dip the end of a toothpick into a gel or liquid liner, or rub it along a mascara spoolie, if you're using mascara as eyeliner, and drag it along your lid near the lashes in whatever shape you want. The fine point makes it really easy to get exactly the shape you want and get really close to the lashes and even between them. If you do full eye makeup every day, it may be cheaper in the long run to just buy a good eyeliner brush. But if, like me, you're only an occasional eye makeup-er, toothpicks are dirt cheap...and double-sided.

3. Using Vaseline as Eye Makeup Remover

A college roommate actually taught me this trick, and she learned it from her mom! I tend not to wear super heavy eye makeup and never wear waterproof mascara because I hate how hard it is to get off, but it's that much easier with Vaseline (or even plain chapstick / lip balm). Just rub it over the stubborn makeup and wipe off! And, a jar will last you a lifetime.

4. Using Corn Starch or Baby Powder as Dry Shampoo

Hallelujah for dry shampoo, am I right? My hair gets really dry and breaks easily if I wash it every day, but can also get very oily between washes. So, I love dry shampoo, but I hate the expense and, often, the scent. One day after I ran out of dry shampoo I glanced at my e.l.f. high definition silica powder and thought "hmm, I wonder..." It worked perfectly but, at $6 a pop wasn't exactly a super cheap option. Enter corn starch and baby powder. I've also seen that some people with darker hair mix their powder or starch with unsweetened cocoa powder so that it blends into their hair better. Who knew?!

5. Using Contact Solution to Make Liquid Liner

I love makeup, but I would probably be a lot more into it if it weren't so expensive. Experimenting is so fun, but I just can't bring myself to shell out $10 every time I want to try a new product. What if I hate the color and never use it again? This trick is an awesome way to experiment with different eyeliners without having to buy any new ones! Just dip the end of your eyeliner brush in saline solution and then into an eyeshadow, and you've got a one-time-use liquid / gel liner. If you hate the color, no money wasted, and if you love it, you've got a two-in-one eyeshadow / eyeliner. It's a win-win!