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Pasadena's Hidden Thrifting Gem: The Huntington Collection Annex

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Thrifted "Thursday" is coming at you a day early this week because I (Haley) want to get the word out about The Huntington Collection's next sale before it happens tomorrow, in case any of  you feel like braving LA traffic to go. When we first moved to Pasadena and I was scouring Craigslist ads for cute but affordable furniture and weighing the convenience of IKEA against the prices of thrift stores, a friend from church told me that she had gotten her bookshelf from the Huntington Collection Annex, and that I should check it out. Lifesaver, this girl.

The Huntington Collection is a building across from the Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. They accept donated and consigned furniture, clothing, and home goods and their proceeds go to the Huntington Hospital's Senior Care Network. The higher end items are put in the Collection's boutique storefront and sold at a discounted but still fairly high price, and everything else is sold in their "Annex." The Annex is essentially a small warehouse filled mainly with furniture and other decor items--everything from sofas and bookcases to patio sets, fancy rugs, and light fixtures. 

On the last Thursday of every month, the Collection holds a sale. Certain boutique items are usually on sale (tomorrow it's clothing), but ALL of the donated furniture in the Annex is 50% off, and there are some sweet deals to be found. I went today to check out the goods because there will be people lining up tomorrow before the store opens, and it's best to already have picked out what you want so you can make a beeline for it and snag it before someone else does. Here are some photos from my visit to the Huntington Collection Annex today:

One of my favorite parts about the Annex (and really any used furniture store) is picturing what type of person donated each piece. I'm thinking the lady (or possibly gentleman?) who owned this purple velvet number was at least 65, owned a yappy little lap dog, and wears rhinestone sunglasses.

This is the price tag for the purple chair. All of the furniture in the Annex is marked with either a "D" for donation or "C" for consignment. Only the donated furniture is half off on sale days. As you can see, even with half off, this particular chair would be almost $250. But, considering the quality, that still is a great deal. And, if purple velvet isn't your thing, there are lots of other items at lower prices.

The main floor is taken up with furniture, but the sides house rugs, artwork, light fixtures, small electronics, dishware, and books. While browsing around the electronics section I came across this sign--whoohoo! All of the smaller items are pretty reasonably priced anyway ($5 throw pillows, $20 blenders), but an extra half off definitely couldn't hurt. I was eyeing a blender and stand mixer that I think I might sneak back for tomorrow.

I was super in love with a set of these cubbies / bookshelves. They have a very midcentury vibe and match one of the bookshelves I already have. Too bad I have zero room left in my house for big furniture and all of my books already have a home!

One of the largest rugs I have ever seen in my life. It's folded in half in the photo, and could easily cover 2-3 rooms in my house. I think it was also like $8,000...so there's that.

Girly chandelier, anyone? This would be awesome in a girl's bedroom or dramatic dining room.

After all that, though, the only thing I came home with was this hardback Harry Potter book for $1 (I only had it in paperback, alright?).

Though I'm seriously considering going back for this blender and a couple of pillows tomorrow:

For the record, here are the two pieces of furniture I bought on my original trip to the Huntington Collection Annex:

I went with a list of things we still needed for the house: a bookshelf, a desk, a rug, and an entryway table or dresser. I managed to grab this black bureau for the entryway for $95 (I have grand schemes to replace the knobs and paint it blue one day, but we'll see...). It's incredibly well made and very heavy duty--Jared and our FIREMAN neighbor had to stop every few feet to rest while carrying it up to our apartment--and it makes a great catch-all for those random things around the house that don't go anywhere else. The mirror was a $5 garage sale find,  by the way. Ahhh LA, land of yearlong yard sales.

This combination bookshelf/dresser was $65 and the perfect storage solution for us. We needed another bookshelf, but we also needed more drawers to house various craft supplies, DVDs, etc. This piece is really a 3-drawer short dresser with a bookshelf hutch that rests on top. Two in one! And I love that the shelf compartments aren't divided exactly in half--it adds a fun feel to the piece and the room as a whole.

So, I managed to find 2 of the pieces I was looking for at the Huntington Annex, and for just $160 plus tax. It's a bit more expensive than some thrift stores, but less expensive by far than buying them new (even at IKEA), and the price is balanced by the quality and the convenience of having such a wide furniture selection in one place, without having to browse Craigslist for weeks on end. And they will deliver within 10 miles for a $50 fee, I think.

The address, if you decide that you want to check out the next sale, is:

766 South Fair Oaks Avenue (corner of Fillmore)
Pasadena, CA. 91105

Hours of operation are:
10am to 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Noon to 6pm on Thursday


Happy thrifting!