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My Favorite Podcasts (Fiction Part 1)

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Back home, the capital of the state where I (Monica) lived has consistently found itself near the top of any list ranking places to find a job for new and expanding markets. This was great for new businesses and job searches, but when I started an internship in this city rush hour would turn my usual 40 minute commute into a 2 hour drive to get home. (I laugh at past Monica who thought this was terrible, little did I know). 

To compensate for this long drive I figured out that my internship was (sort-of) walking distance from a metro station. Most days rather than drive I would hop a train, then take a transfer via light-rail and walk a mile and a half to my internship.

This cut my travel time down considerably; though it did still give me a lot of time to ponder life's mysteries, avoid (or fail to avoid) uncomfortable train conversations (like a stranger letting his children climb all over me while I was trying to politely ignore them and talk to an old friend--why stranger?!) and more often than not, try out new podcasts. 

There are so many podcasts I love to listen to and now that I have a job (YAY!) I frequently get the chance to enjoy them all. Rather than overwhelm you with an insane list, lets go by genre--


  • Welcome to Nightvale: with over 80 episodes, most for free or pay what you can and an average of 25 minutes each--you are set for the next 33+ hours of your life! You're welcome. This podcast is twice monthly and is from the point of view of a radio host who gives updates about a small desert town named Nightvale where things aren't quite right but for the most part he doesn't realize it. The writers do a great job of drawing you into this world and anytime they reference something from an older episode they do a great job at explaining what it is so that no one is left in the dust. 

  • Limetown: Did you like the podcast Serial? Do you like This American Life? Does Ira Glass frequently entertain your earbuds? Are you creeped out by this introduction? Good, me too. Limetown is a podcast which tells the story of a town whose members mysteriously disappeared, told in the same format as This American Life or Serial. There are only 2 episodes so far and they go by way too fast. Go listen and then email me so we can talk about it. I have so many theories about where this story could lead I want to hear more!

Do you have any favorite podcasts you think I should listen to? Tell us about it in the comments!