Jupe du Jour

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to ensure that I get items I like in my Thrift Fix?

Take your time filling out the style survey, and include links to Pinterest boards or images that will help us get a visual on styles that you love. In this case, pictures really are worth a thousand words!

What if I don't like one of the items in my Thrift Fix?

We make every effort to follow the size and style preferences outlined in the survey you completed on checkout, but it is possible to end up with an item in your box that you're not in love with. Due to the custom nature of our products, however, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. One of the ways we're able to keep our prices low is by not stocking any items until you order them--everything is hand-picked for our customers, which means we unfortunately can't simply re-sell returned items. If there's something that's a major miss, consider donating it to a shelter or gifting it to a friend.

After your box is delivered, we'll send you a link to a survey where you can let us know if there were any problem items in your shipment so we don't send the same style in your next box.  

How long will it take to receive my Thrift Fix? Do you offer international shipping?

Your stylist will get your Fix together within one week of when you place your order and it will ship at that time. Domestic shipping can take anywhere from 2 to 10 days depending on your location and which shipping option you choose at checkout. International shipping will generally take 2 to 3 weeks.

Why is a small Thrift Fix "2-3 items" and a large box "4-5"? What determines how many items I'll get?

Most small boxes will contain 3 items and most large boxes will contain 5, but in the event that you request larger/more expensive items in your box, such as a coat or boots, you may receive fewer. When you fill out your style survey, you are welcome to note that you prefer 3 smaller items over 2 larger ones, or vice versa.

Can I request specific items from your Etsy shop or Instagram feed in my Thrift Fix?

Absolutely! If you're purchasing a standard box, you can look through our Instagram shop to see if there are any (non-vintage) items for sale that you'd like to include. If you spot one, just leave us a note on the Instagram image letting us know you'd like it in your Fix, or copy the image's URL and include it in your questionnaire so we know you want to snag the item!

If you're purchasing a vintage box, feel free to browse through our Etsy shop to see if there are any items you'd like to include. If you spot one, just copy the item's URL and include it in your questionnaire so we know you'd like us to send it! If the item is valued at $35 or less, we'll count it as one item in your box, and you can request up to two. If it is valued between $36 and $45, we'll count it as one item in your box, but you can only request one. If it is valued between $46 and $55, it will count as two items, and you will only receive one additional item in your shipment. Items from Etsy that are valued at over $55 are not eligible to be sent as part of your Thrift Fix, but you can purchase them on their own through Etsy.